Stamp Card Designer Tool

No tech or design skills required. Design and see real-time previews of your digiatl stamp card. Fully customize it with your own logo, colors, and text.

Campaign Management Dashboard

Access all of your campaigns in one dashboard. Get access to your digital stamp card URL, send push updates, and monitor your campaigns online.

Location Based Alerts

Embed GPS and iBeacon information so that when customers are near your location, a lock screen notification will appear on their phone with your custom message.

Push Updates

Directly communicate to customers & let them know of new deals, promotions, and specials by sending push updates, all accessible in the dashboard.

Digital Stamper App

With the Loopy Loyalty Stamper App (iOS & Android), you can easily add stamps to your customers' cards. Easy, quick, and secure. No staff training required.

Analytics Dashboard

Measure the success of your campaign with analytics. See exactly when customers visit, how many stamps they have, and use this data to enhance your marketing strategies.

iOS & Android Support

Don't worry about developing an app or wondering what device your customers have. Loopy Loyalty cards work on mobile wallet apps in iOS and Android (Passbook, Pass2U, Samsung Wallet).

Easy Top Up Capabilities

Running low on digital stamp cards? Simply click a button to top up your balance and it's immediately available for customers to add. No more trips to the print shop.

Get Started for Free

Is it really free? Yes! You get 5000 FREE cards per campaign. And you can create an unlimited number of campaigns & templates. It doesn't get any better than this.