Acquire Customers & Increase Loyalty

Getting that customer to come one more time to their store and one less time to their competitor's is how the battle will be won or lost.

Digital Stamp Cards Apple Wallet and Android Pay

Go live in less than 15 minutes

1. Design your Stamp Card

Select the stamp card type that's right for your business and customize the content that appears on your digital stamp card.

Single rewards

Purchase 10 coffees and get 1 free.

Multi rewards

Collect 4 stamps and get $5 off, collect 8 stamps and get 1 free appetizer.

Wallets supported

Apple Wallet Digital Stamp CardsAndroid Pay Digital Stamp Cards

2. Connect with Customers at Anytime

Send targeted messages straight to your customers' smartphone & lock screen - no app development required.

Targeted Messages

Send a message to all of your customers or target a specific customer segment.

Location Based Messages

Automatically appear on your customers' lock screen when they are near your location. Works with GPS and beacons.

3. Reward your Customers

Stamper App

Use the Loopy Loyalty Digital Stamper app (iOS app coming soon!) to quickly and securely reward your customers with digital stamps.

Download the Loopy Loyalty Stamper app
Web Stamper

Give your customers stamps wherever they are in the world through the online stamper tool.

4. Measure & Optimize your Results

Track key metrics and optimize performance to drive loyalty. Get to know who your most loyal customers are through to further strengthen relationships

Searchable Transaction History

Segment customers and retarget them with special deals or rewards based on their behavior.

Loyalty Program Metrics

Track and get real data on the ROI of your digital loyalty program.

Analytics and Metrics

What's Included

Stamp Card Designer Tool

Card Management Dashboard

Digital Stamper App

Analytics Dashboard

Location Based Alerts

Push Messages

Multi-platform Support

Unlimited cards

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