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After years of experience helping businesses all over the world turbo boost their customer engagement through technology, we are proud to make the secret weapon available to everyone today. Loopy Loyalty is the most comprehensive customer loyalty and rewards solutions around, giving you everything you need to take your brand and business to the next level in the smartphone age.

Digital Stamp Cards

How it Works

1. Design your Stamp Card

You don't need any technical or design skills. Simply use the WYSIWYG designer tool to create & customize your digital stamp card with your unique logo, stamp images, colors, and text.

Online Digital Loyalty Card Designer
Distribute Stamp Cards to Customers

2. Distribute to Customers

Simply log into the Campaign Management Dashboard and get access to your unique digital stamp card URL and QR code. Post the URL on social media, share it with your mailing list, or print it out on a poster.

Your customers simply click on the URL or scan the QR code, add the stamp card to their mobile wallet (Apple Wallet, Pass2U) in their smartphone, and can use your card right away.

3. Manage your Campaign

Update the promotions field on the back of your stamp card and push the latest offers, news, or deals straight to customers' phones.

Unlock the full capabilities of location-based alerts by adding in GPS / beacon details as well. When a customer is near your location, a customized message appears on their lock screen. Accessing the stamp card is one swipe away.

Send Push Updates
Digital Stamper App

4. Reward your Customers

Use the very cool Loopy Loyalty Digital Stamper app (available on iOS and Android) to quickly and securely reward your customers with digital stamps. Wow your customers with this seamless experience.

Download the Loopy Loyalty Stamper app

5. Analyze & Enhance

Get a big picture overview of your loyalty program with custom analytics and data. Know exactly how many customers have your digital stamp card, how many stamps were issued, and much more.

Analytics and Metrics

What's Included
All for $0

Stamp Card Designer Tool

Campaign Management Dashboard

Digital Stamper App

Analytics Dashboard

Location Based Alerts

Push Updates

Multi-platform Support

Unlimited campaigns

Get Started for Free

Is it really free? Yes! You get 5000 FREE cards per campaign. And you can create an unlimited number of campaigns & templates. It doesn't get any better than this.