Frequently Asked Questions


It is essentially the digital version of paper stamp cards/loyalty cards/punch cards that you see distributed by merchants every day. They are issued straight into your customers' native wallet app on their smartphone. Increase sales, store visits, and customer loyalty by getting your brand into your customers' smartphone - all without the need for an app.

It's free! You get 5000 cards per campaign for free.

If you go over the 5000 cards for your campaign you can easily top up your account with more cards. You could also create a new campaign & template to get another 5000 free cards.

Digital stamp cards can be installed on both iOS and Android devices. Compatibility: Apple Passbook (iOS6, iOS7, iOS8), PassWallet, Pass2U, Samsung Wallet, Google Wallet (US-only).

Contact us if you want to enable your loyalty card for Samsung Wallet and Google Wallet as this requires some custom work.

Layout & Design

You'll need to upload your own logo (320 x 100 pixels) and icon (120 x 120 pixels) images. Using our design tool, you can customize colors, text, select stamp images, and much more.

Our digital loyalty cards allow you to add content on the front and the back sides of your passes. You can add your branch address, contact info, opening hours, website links, promotions, and terms and conditions.

Once you've saved and launched your campaign, you cannot change the design or text on your digital loyalty card. However, you can create as many campaigns as you'd like. We'd recommend previewing how your card looks before you finalize your design.

Apple's Terms & Conditions require this information to be displayed on each card. Any end-user questions, complaints, or claims with respect to your loyalty card must be directed to the company issuing the card.

You can select 8, 10, or 12 stamps for each card. Once you've selected the number of stamps you can't change it unless you create a new design.

Yes, you can put that in your terms and conditions on the back of the digital stamp card.

You can only update the 'Promotions' and 'Terms and Conditions' field after you've made your purchase. You can also update GPS and beacon details in your dashboard.

The Experience

They can either open the URL of the digital stamp card on their smartphones or scan a QR code (with the stamp card URL embedded in it). They must click add to add it to their mobile wallet. Check out the user guide in your dashboard for advice on how to distribute to customers.

Simply use the Loopy Loyalty Digital Stamper app to add stamps. The app is available for free iOS and Android:

When all stamps have been collected, simply scan the QR code with the Loopy Loyalty Stamper app to redeem the reward. This will automatically issue a new loyalty card to your customers which will deduct from your quantity of digital loyalty cards. No need for customers to manually add another stamp card.

Customers who are near your store will receive a lock screen message that links to your digital loyalty card.

With beacons, your customers can receive different types of lockscreen messages based on their proximity to beacons in your store.

You can update and add GPS and beacon details in the dashboard.

Every time you add a stamp, your customers will receive a lockscreen message / notification on their device which tells them their new stamp balance. Once they have collected all stamps, the digital stamp card will display a reward image in place of the stamps.

Loopy Loyalty cards can only be stamped using the Loopy Loyalty Digital Stamper app. Each loyalty card is tied to the merchant's details and can only be updated through the app. Merchants must enter their credentials in the app in order to scan the Loopy Loyalty cards issued by them.

Managing Your Campaign

In the user dashboard, you are able to send custom notifications to your customers with a simple click. For example, you can update today's special or deal of the day and send a push to customers.

Simply update the 'promotions' field in your user dashboard and click update. This will send a lockscreen message to your customers and notify them of today's promotion.

Metrics include the average number of stamps per card, time between stamps, number of loyalty cards issued, and much more.

Get Started for Free

Is it really free? Yes! You get 5000 FREE cards per campaign. And you can create an unlimited number of campaigns & templates. It doesn't get any better than this.