Stamp Cards for Donut Stores

Donut Stores

Looking for ways to increase customer loyalty at your donut store? Reward customers every time they spend and offer them exciting deals for collecting all the stamps.

Bowling Alley

Encourage customers to visit the bowling alley more often by giving them cool incentives. You'll hit a strike every time!

Stamp Cards for Bowling Alley
Stamp Cards for Burger Restaurants

Burger Restaurant

Everyone needs to eat. What better way to keep your customers coming back for delicious burgers than to reward them with a free meal?

Car Wash

Show your appreciation for customers every time they visit you for a car wash - and give them something a little extra for collecting all the stamps.

Stamp Cards for Car Wash Services
Stamp Cards for Massage Parlors

Massage Parlors

Are you in the business of providing some rest and relaxation services to your customers? Give them another R to get excited about - rewards! Treat your loyal customers to a rewarding & relaxing experience.

Pet Stores

Reward your customers every time they purchase new cat toys, dog food, or even grooming services. Both their pets and your customers will be happy.

Stamp Cards for Pet Store
Stamp Cards for Hair Salons

Hair Salons

Whether your customers need a trim, a perm, or a complete hair makeover, ensure you're the one they visit every time. After all, word of mouth travels fast.

Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services

Forget paper laundry receipts and slips. Make your customers' lives easier with digital stamp cards and you'll be there go-to laundromat.

Stamp Cards for Laundromats
Stamp Cards for Dog Walking Services

Dog Walking Services

Having a 'ruff' time marketing your dog walking services? Increase brand awareness and your customer base with digital stamp cards!

Salad Shops

Everyone loves a fresh, hearty, and healthy salad. Keep your customers coming back for more by rewarding them every time they spend!

Stamp Cards for Salad Shops
Stamp Cards for Kickboxing Classes

Kickboxing Classes

Need a way to encourage your students to come back for a great workout session? Give them a stamp every time they sweat and you'll be sure to keep your classes full.

Ice-Cream Shops

Every one loves ice-cream, not just kids. Give everyone a reason to scream for ice-cream with digital stamp cards.

Stamp Cards for Ice-cream Shops
Stamp Cards for Dentists


While overlooked by many, dental hygiene is important. Be the go-to dentist and offer rewards every time your customers visit for a teeth clean or checkup.

Cupcake Stores

Who doesn't love a good cupcake? Great for a quick treat, to share with friends, and to bring to parties. Your customers may even bring their friends to reap in on the rewards.

Stamp Cards for Cupcake Stores
Stamp Cards for Coffee Shops

Coffee Shops

Increase your customer base and ensure that your customers keep coming back to your coffee shop. You'll never waste another dollar on paper stamp cards again.

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